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Simply Manage Your Studio

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Medidate Fitness Software Features

Here are the tools you will use to manage your studio with ease


Collect Credit Card Payments + Accounting

(Apple Pay)

Allow students to purchase your classes, memberships and products directly through the app using the credit card payments option.

Accounting? No worries we got you settled


Summaries and Reports

Analyze your studio activity easily using our reports.

Learn how your studio is running and withdraw conclusions for studio business optimizations


Online Web Software to manage all aspects of your studio

Manage your studio on the go.

Weekly schedule, Students, Payments, Products and more...

SImply manage from your computer and mobile phone


App for Students and Teachers

This app enables your students to easily sign in and out of classes, purchase memberships, products, waiting list, notifications and more...

You also have teachers in your studio?

They can easily manage attendance in the classes they teach


"One of the best customer services ever"

(studio's quote)

We give human, available and always a loving customer service experience.

This is one of our best qualities, and we can't wait to meet you and guide you along.



Couldn't be simpler

Kick off with a 30 day free trial, no strings attached, no commitment and no credit card required

Schedule a meeting with one of our awesome people

So how do we start? Simple!


Step 1: Let's Talk

We believe in human service and warm communication.

First of all, contact us via WhatsApp or by filling out the form


Step 2: Schedule Online Meeting

After we have talked, we will send out tutorial videos, and schedule a meeting with a representative who will accompany you all the way until you feel fully confident to work with the system independently.


Step 3: We are here to help

Ongoing human support along the way with every matter and question.



Here's what studios have to say about Medidate

Fitness Guide
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Highly recommended. I'm So pleased..

Thank you for professional service, personal treatment and no less than excellent platform!