How I helped my Yoga Teacher Wife to manage her Yoga Business?

Feb 20th 2017

Greetings everyone, I’m a mobile application developer.

Mmm... So what would a developer and yoga have in common you ask?

Well here it goes :)

How Did It All Start?

It all started when my Yoga Teacher Wife started teaching yoga.

The first challenge was spreading the word that she’s around teaching yoga. We printed flyers and distributed them door to door the old fashion way. It took a while but eventually it started to bring in people who found interest. I actually had photos of us giving away the flyers that day but I couldn't find them..

Note to self, always backup old iPhone photos ;)

Obviously I had the privilege to join my wife’s classes, and while more and more students began to drop in I noticed what a hassle it was for her to manage all her students: who came to class? who signed up? who canceled? and her bookings: who paid? who forgot to bring money? and the debts from her students were growing.

The Trigger

Me To The Rescue

Then I came into the picture and told her that I will build an app for her to manage all these elements she was struggling with so she could have a clear mind and focus on teaching yoga, which she does gracefully.


And so it was, I encouraged my business partner to go for it and together we built a system that actually helped her manage all her students and bookings.

To The Next Step!

Ok Just to be clear I do not promote excessive beer and alcohol drinking I just loved that scene from "American Pie" where they raise their glasses to the Next Step.


Anyway, our next step was to enable this tool for the rest of the yoga teachers who experienced the same and are searching for something to help them manage their yoga business and eventually the Medidate app came into existence.


And so, I’m truly proud to present the Medidate app to all those who relate to this story and are in need of a system to manage their yoga classes, students and payments. If you know of a teacher who is struggling with this share this over to them and perhaps it can help them.


Created with Love!

By Matan and Ophir