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Joining Medidate independently

The truth is that we have already prepared everything in advance for those who know how to work alone

First step: the tutorials page is opened

It is recommended to open the tutorial page (it will open in a new window) and work next to it when starting to use the system, 75% of users report a more comfortable experience as soon as they started using the tutorials.

Step Two: Signup to Medidate

Start the registration by clicking the green button. While registering, the system will accompany you with explanatory videos. In addition, every component that needs it has the sign (?) which, by clicking on it, will open an explanation of that component and its use.

Step Three: Contact us for any Question or Isuue

As we said, our customer service is the best in Israel, we try to be available almost always or get back to every customer within a few hours. We invite you to contact us with any problem, problem or question, you will not be disappointed.

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