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Reached a point where there are too many students and classes to handle yourself?
Medidate - is the answer to your needs

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Highly recommended. I'm So pleased..

Thank you for professional service, personal treatment and no less than excellent platform!

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Beyond that the app is great and super easy to use for both the studio manager and the students,

I found someone who listens, excellent support and super nice people who are willing to listen to my ideas and consider putting them in the next version. Highly recommend 🧘‍♀️🙏🏻

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An amazing application, easy to use, both for the practitioners and for the studio itself.

Do not know how I managed before! Highly recommended and love.

Every issue is resolved immediately and personally, always giving the feeling that there is someone who cares and supports everything that is needed.

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I join all of the hot recommendations, great app !!! Also for those with a phobia of technology, very convenient and user-friendly for both customers and management.

A real upgrade for any yoga teacher!

Maya's exceptional customer service is always available and pleasant❤️I really congratulate myself on the decision to work with you🙏