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Most cost-effective
Studio & Gym management Software

Our model is affordable and profitable for small and medium business owners in the field of fitness.

With 30 days free trial, no cc needed, a simple monthly or annual subscription and a static payment rate which doesn't change if you use more or have more clients or trainers, etc.



* Prices do not include VAT

30 Day Free Trial

Take time to experiment, learn the software and yourself through it.

We are certain that you will continue with us after that.


*No need for CC

Simple and intuitive for independent use or with the help of our experts

An easy and pleasant experience for every user.

With an intuitive and easy-to-use interface, explanations and videos at every step, you will learn how to use Medidate like a pro in no time.

The price remains even if the business is booming

You don't pay more even if the business grows.

More teachers and instructors under you? More clients? More Classes?
We understand you want to grow, then grow, no need to pay more for that :)

Human touch, available and professional customer service

High quality customer service is at the heart of any successful business.

We believe in a service that is not only available and professional, but also humane and with emotion.

Our service team is surrounded by experts who not only understand the field, but are also unique in their ability to connect and understand your real needs.

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