What is Medidate?

Medidate is a platform for the Yoga, Meditation and Pilates teachers and practitioners.

We help Yogis and Meditation lovers to discover each other and find real up to date classes and workshops near by.


The network is growing vastly, teachers around the world have added their classes and workshops to the map, more and more practitioners are finding new partners and teachers through Medidate and the love is spreading!

Teachers and Studios

Focus on teaching, let Medidate handle the rest

  • Manage your classes, events, students and payments from anywhere.

  • Your Schedule will be published on the Medidate map for everyone to find and book your classes (optional)

  • Broadcast your upcoming classes to new potential students.

  • Communicate with your Students using the built in chat system, without the need of exchanging personal phone numbers.

  • Live updates for your students regarding your upcoming classes, schedule changes, memberships and plans coming to an end and more..

  • Accept payments easily using Digital Punching Tickets, Monthly Membership Plans and Drop-In Payments

  • Start using Medidate now with a FREE 1 MONTH TRIAL and after that pay only $30 a month. 

"Medidate's network is growing rapidly, teachers can connect to a larger audience and practitioners can find numerous sessions with the touch of a finger..." ~ Yogi Times (Full article here)

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