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Highly recommend. So pleased. Thank you for professional service, personal treatment and no less than excellent!

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Beyond the fact that the app is great and super easy to use for both the studio manager and the students. I found a listening ear, close support and super nice people who are willing to listen to my ideas and consider putting them in the next version. Highly recommend 🧘‍♀️🙏🏻

Start managing your studio and business in 2 minutes.

Our super convenient and easy to learn Management Software will give you some of your spare time back, so you can hangout with your family and friends.

You go and do what you love when it's not teaching

Allow Medidate to manage your Studio when it is.

Reclaim your Spare Time

Tailor made for how Studios actually work...

Yoga Pose
  • Easy Booking of classes

  • Class Attendance Limit

  • Automated Waiting List Management

Student's can sign in and out of classes easily using the Medidate app

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Yoga Pose

Studio Memberships and Tickets

Students can purchase Memberships and Tickets straight from the app and start signing into your classes

Easy Entries monitoring 

Monthly recurring payments for Memberships 

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Sell Studio Products through the Medidate App Seamlessly (Merchandise, Courses, Workshops...)

You can add products that you sell in your studio and let student purchase them from the Medidate App

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Students know when their Membership or Ticket ended No need to "Run" after them anymore

Medidate automatically notifies the students whether their membership or ticket has ended, When a class begins or if a room is now available in a class with waiting list, and more...

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Pricing?     doesn't get any Easier

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An amazing application, easy to use, both for the practitioners and for the studio itself. Do not know how I worked before! Highly recommend and love. The answer to everything is done immediately and personally, always giving the feeling that there is someone who cares and supports everything that is needed.

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Joining all the warm recommendations, great app !!! Also for those with a phobia of technology, very convenient and user-friendly for both customers and management. A real upgrade for any yoga teacher! Exceptional customer service is always available and pleasant❤️I really congratulate myself on the decision to work with you🙏


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