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Onboarding Walkthrough

Ready to start?

Put on your sweatpants, t-shirt and strap your sneakers on... Time to Rock...

We've prepared a simple step by step walkthrough to start working with Medidate and get all your current Studio's status into the Medidate platform

Short Overview on How you can use Medidate to Manage your Studio + DEMO

Before you begin we highly recommend going through this video to understand the main options to use Medidate in order to mange your studio.

It's the only video that is a bit long (14min) although crucial to know how to configure your Studio.

Step 1 : First Signup to Medidate

So the first step is to sign your studio in to the Medidate Platform. 

You will first enter basic details of your studio and from there you'll have a short walkthrough to define how your studio works.

Step 2 : Configure Studio Settings

Setting up the studio's and student's notifications, terms of the studio, signup and cancelation policies to your classes and much more... basically setting up how the studio works.

Step 3 : Setup Studio Plans

Setup the different plans the studio offers. Monthly memberships or tickets that are available for the students to purchase to sign into your classes.

Step 4 : Setup Weekly Schedule 

Time to layout the weekly recurring schedule that the students will see inside the Medidate Booking App.

Step 5 : How to Add/Remove/Find Students

Go through a short tutorial that shows how to add/remove/find students inside the Medidate platform.

Step 6 : How to Manually Manage Students & Classes

How to manage the students and classes in the studio, add plans to students, sign them into classes with different plans, mark how they paid and more...

Step 7 : Student's Info Page

Details about the student, Health info , Classes student has attended and how they were settled , Student Plans Table + History

Step 8 : Manage Studio Plans and Memberships

Creating Tickets and Memberships, Configuring the plans accordingly, Assign students the different plans

Step 9 : Onboarding Students

READY? In this video we'll go through how to onboard the Medidate platform and bringing the current status of the studio into the platform. The 2 different ways of importing your students into your studio.

First Signup
Studio Settings
Plans and Memberships
Weekly Schedule
Add/Remove/Find Students
Manage Students & Classes
Student's Info Page
Manage Plans
Onboarding Students
Overview + Demo
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